Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hey You Guys, We Have A Blog!

Hey Group!

Here's our blog. As you can see you must log in to view it. The gmail account is the same as the blog url. I hope that this will help us keep a bit more on track and communicate better. Thank you to Ryan who really pulled it out for us today. Poor designers, they never sleep! Anyhoo, our next meeting is Sunday at 5:00pm so see you all there. We'll do some alterations to the comps (the three we picked) and maybe divvy out some responsibilities for the next two weeks. We should probably post all of the guide lines for the assignments coming up, so once those are handed out it would be easier than making copies or emailing them (and this way we don't lose them). Also I think we should probably post the comps on here so we all can look at them and make comments about them while in progress. We should also make time before and after meeting days to discuss things. These are just ideas for getting us a little more organized and so we can avoid the last minute thing.

See ya on Sunday!


  1. Okay this is great. We should be able to rock it with this.

  2. Hi! I'm gonna put the Powerpoint from Wednesday in everybody's drop box on the server so keep an eye out for that. Thanks Alecia for creating this blog!! And thanks to all of you for being such a good group =)

  3. Sweet girl! This is a great idea for keeping up and you have put in so much work!!!
    See you all on Sunday!

  4. Hello all. I think we need to get together and for a bit. Is Monday at lunch ok? Hopefully, it'll only be about 30 minutes. What I'm thinking we should discuss refining the layouts of the 2 or 3 better broadsides all take a "mini-assignment" of collecting images and then you could send them to me and I'll arrange them as per our discussion.